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  • spider mites on plants

    Do Spider Mites Live In Soil?

    Spider mites are incredibly small yet highly destructive pests that can cause significant damage to plants and vegetation. Often living and feeding on the undersides of leaves spider mites are also seen in the soil beneath the plants they are feeding off. This has many people asking whether or not spider mites live in soil?…

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  • Red And Blue sits on green leaf

    6 Unique Red And Blue Spiders With Photos!

    Have you ever heard of spiders that are red and blue in color, but don’t know much about them? Then look no further. Today we’re going to be talking about these spectacular and unique species from around the world, each with its own interesting traits and behaviors. We’ll take a close look at their appearance,…

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  • pouring Hand Sanitizer on palm

    Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Spiders? What You Need To Know!

    Is it true that hand sanitizer kills spiders? We’ve all heard this urban legend, and it’s likely to come up at some point, especially when we’re in a place with lots of arachnids. But how legitimate is the claim? Does hand sanitizer really kill spiders? Hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can affect spiders, but it’s…

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  • cleaning team member cleaning the surface by spraying

    Does Vinegar Kill Spiders? Should You Use It?

    Does Vinegar Kill Spiders? Dealing with spiders in your home can be a daunting task, and you might be wondering if household vinegar can help you remove and even kill spiders? The short answer is Yes! vinegar can effectively kill spiders. In fact, vinegar contains an ingredient called “acetic acid” that can severely burn the spider’s…

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  • Spiders vs Ants fight

    Do Spiders Eat Ants? Are They Healthy?

    Have you ever seen a spider eating an ant in your home or the outdoors? Or maybe you’ve heard about spiders hunting and eating ants from friends, family, or online. These days, it seems like there are so many weird myths going around on the internet about spiders. So how do you know what’s true,…

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  • jumping spider catching the ant

    Do Jumping Spiders Eat Ants?

    In the wild, a jumping spiders diet can vary depending on the species and their habitat. While some like feeding on insects and other arthropods, others opt in for more interesting prey! Which bring us to the question do jumping spiders eat ants? The answer is yes, some species of jumping spiders do eat ants,…

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  • Do spiders eat bed bugs feature image

    Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?

    Are you wondering if spiders eat bed bugs? With many people having had encounters with both bed bugs and spiders, it’s only natural to wonder if the two species could come into contact. The short answer is yes spiders do eat bed bugs! In fact, there’s one species in particular that is known to live…

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  • woodlouse spider waling on the rock

    The Woodlouse Spider: What Is It?

    Have you ever seen a spider scuttling around your garden, with long and spindly brown legs? If so, you may have just encountered a woodlouse spider! These peculiar-looking arachnids are found all over the world and are distinguished by their unusual coloration. However, what makes these spiders different to all the rest is not only…

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  • spider hidings its face by spreading its legs

    Is It Safe For Spiders To Eat Bread?

    Are you wondering if spiders can eat bread? As many pet owners believe that providing their pets with food scraps is a kind gesture, you might be hoping to feed your spider the extra bits of toast or bread crumbs from your lunch. But, unfortunately, this isn’t advisable! As we know, bread is considered a…

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