Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Spiders? What You Need To Know!


Is it true that hand sanitizer kills spiders? We’ve all heard this urban legend, and it’s likely to come up at some point, especially when we’re in a place with lots of arachnids. But how legitimate is the claim? Does hand sanitizer really kill spiders?

Hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can affect spiders, but it’s not an effective or instant method of killing them. The alcohol content, especially if it’s 60% or more, may disorient the spiders but won’t necessarily kill them right away.

Although hand sanitizer can eventually kill spiders, it’s not the most practical solution. In fact, there are far more effective household products for dealing with spiders. If you want to know what these products are simply scroll to the bottom of this article.

How Much Hand Sanitizer Do You Need To Kill A Spider?

While we may be tempted to grab the nearest bottle of hand sanitizer and spray it directly at the spider, the question remains: how much hand sanitizer is needed to do the job? Well, the amount needed depends on the size of the spider and the potency of the sanitizer.

A minuscule spider would require a small amount of hand sanitizer, while a larger spider may need much more. However, even if you were able to cover the spider in sanitizer, it’s not a guarantee that it would actually die.

How Long Does It Take For Hand Sanitizer To Kill A Spider?

So you properly wondering if hand sanitizer could be used as a quick and easy solution? While it’s understandable to want to get rid of a spider as soon as possible, unfortunately, hand sanitizer isn’t the best way to do it.

Even if you were able to directly apply hand sanitizer to the spider and ensure that it covers every part of its body, it may still take hours or even longer for the sanitizer to ultimately kill the spider.

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Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Spider Eggs?

When it comes to killing spider eggs, there’s a lot of uncertainty. The truth is that there’s just not enough research on hand sanitizer’s effectiveness against them.

What we do know is that spider eggs are guarded by a sac made up of a thick web, which can make it incredibly tough for anything to penetrate and damage the eggs inside.

This protective layer is what makes spider eggs so durable and able to survive in various conditions. Although hand sanitizer may help eliminate bacteria and other germs, it might not be the best option for tackling spider eggs.

Alternatives To Hand Sanitizer

If your are looking for alternatives to hand sanitizer that can help in dealing with spiders without using hand sanitizer. Here are some methods:

  • Jar Method: Simply trap the spider under a jar or glass, then slide a piece of stiff paper or cardboard underneath to seal it in. Then, carefully lift the whole assembly and take it outside to release the spider.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This is a non-toxic powder made up of fossilized aquatic organisms. It can be sprinkled around your home to kill spiders.
  • Sticky Traps: These traps can be placed in corners and along walls to catch spiders4.
  • Essential Oils: Certain essential oils, like peppermint and tea tree, can repel spiders when sprayed around your home.
  • Citrus Peels: Spiders dislike citrus, so placing peels from oranges, lemons, or limes can deter them.

Please remember, if you have a severe spider infestation, it’s best to call a professional pest control service.


So, Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Spiders? Yes but is it worth using it? No! In the end, there are far more effective ways to kill a spider, and hand sanitizer is not one of them!

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