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Hi my name is mike and im the founder of spidersplanet.com. Ive always been fasinated by spiders as a child, so i decided to create this website to help educate people on all things spider related.

Spiders Planet is the ultimate source of information about spiders, that will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information written by me and a group writers, that is well reserched and fact checked before it’s published.

We also provide links in some of the articles, back to the source so that our readers can verify the information themselves.

In addition to providing detailed information on individual spider species, we also offer general information about spiders, their ecology, what they eat, how long they live, and more.

So, whether you’re looking for specific information about a particular spider species or just want to learn more about them in general, Spiders Planet is the ultimate destination for spider education and entertainment.

We hope you enjoy reading about spiders, and if you have any questions regarding our content feel free to contact me here! Thank you for visiting our site, and happy exploring!

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  • How Long Can A Wolf Spider Live Without Food?

    How Long Can A Wolf Spider Live Without Food?

    On average, a spider will eat up to 3,000 insects per year. This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually not that much when you consider how many insects there are in the world. Because wolf spiders are relatively large, their diet is usually very high in protein and fat. Which allows them to…

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  • Do Spiders Really Poop? (Identification, Location)

    Do Spiders Really Poop? (Identification, Location)

    Although it’s not the most pleasant topic to disgust there seems to be a growing debate about whether or not spiders poop? The short answer is YES! spiders do poop! However, instead of solid waste, spiders produce semi-liquid waste that contains both nitrogenous and uric acids. But, what does their poop look like and how…

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  • Do Spiders Eat Mosquitoes?

    Do Spiders Eat Mosquitoes?

    Do Spiders Eat Mosquitoes? We all know that spiders eat a wide range of flying insects, from flies, wasps, and even ladybugs ’if given the chance’ So surely they would love to snack on a few pesky mosquitoes, right? Yes, some spiders do feast on mosquitoes! In fact, in east Africa and Malaysia, there are…

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