Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous? (Detailed Guide)


Wolf spiders are very common and easily recognizable by their size and dark, hairy appearance. However, some people may be worried about these creepy critters, especially if they have children or pets!

As a result, many people want to know if wolf spiders are dangerous to be around?

Well, wolf spiders are not considered dangerous “but” they can be very intimidating if provoked and will show signs of aggression if they feel threatened.

If you see a wolf spider, it is best to give them some space and not try to handle them. If you do need to remove one from your home, it is best to use a method that doesn’t involve you getting too close.

Signs Of Aggression

There are some common signs that a wolf spider is feeling threatened. When they do the spider can become aggressive and this is usually triggered by a number of factors which we will talk about below.

Wolf spiders will usually only attack humans if they feel threatened or if their egg sacs are in danger.

However, the good thing about this is that if you know the signs, you can avoid provoking the spider and hopefully prevent any aggressive behavior.

Some common signs that a wolf spider is feeling threatened and may become aggressive are:

  • Front Legs Are Raised In The Air
  • Getting Ready To Pounce
  • Baring Their Fangs
  • Spider Starts Backing Up
  • When Carrying Their Egg Sacs

Front Legs Are Raised In The Air

When a wolf spider is feeling aggressive, it will usually display some very clear signs. For example, one of the most common signs of aggression in wolf spiders is when they raise their front legs in the air.

This is a defensive posture that is used to intimidate predators or rivals. If a human were to approach a wolf spider in this position, it is likely that the spider would attack. therefore, it is best to avoid them if you see them in this stance.

Getting Ready To Pounce

Although wolf spiders are generally not considered to be dangerous to humans, they can be quite aggressive when they feel threatened. One of the most obvious signs of aggression in wolf spiders is their posture.

When a wolf spider is getting ready to pounce, its body will lower to the ground and arch its back, so it can repel and jump quickly if needed. If you see a wolf spider in this position, don’t get too close unless you want to get bitten.

Baring Its Fangs

Another very clear sign that a wolf spider is feeling threatened and may become aggressive is when it bares its fangs. This is usually done as a warning to whatever has made the spider feel threatened.

However, this can be hard to see especially in smaller spiders. But, if you do see a spider with its fangs exposed, it is best to give it some space.

The fangs of a wolf spider are not venomous, but they can still cause a painful bite. So, if you see a wolf spider bearing its fangs, it’s best to give it some space and avoid provoking it further.

Spider Starts Backing Up

Another common sign that a wolf spider is feeling threatened and may become aggressive is when it starts to back away from you. This is usually done as a way to put some distance between the spider and whatever is causing it to feel threatened.

However, if the spider continues to back up and feels cornered, it may decide to attack in order to escape. When they do the spider will go into a crouching portion and will attempt to jump at you.

When Carrying Their Egg Sacs

Another trigger for aggression is if the spider is protecting its eggs or young. Female wolf spiders will often carry their egg sacs with them until they hatch.

If you come across a female wolf spider with an egg sac, it’s best to give her a wide berth as she is likely to be very protective and may become aggressive if she feels like her eggs are in danger.

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Why They May Attack?

Though they may not be the most cuddly of spiders, wolf spiders are actually some of the best to have around. These spiders are hunting spiders, which means that they actively seek out and kill their prey rather than build webs to trap them.

However, as wolf spiders are not dangerous and if you try to handle one of these spiders, they may bite in self-defense. You see, wolf spiders are actually quite shy and will usually only bite if they feel threatened.

Feeling Stressed

As anyone who has ever been bitten by a spider can attest, it is not a pleasant experience. But what causes a spider to bite in the first place? Well, one reason is stress!

If the wolf spider is stressed for whatever reason, it may lash out and bite. This can happen if the spider is feeling threatened or if it’s in a situation where it can’t escape.

Trying To Handle It

One of the most common reasons people get bitten by wolf spiders is because they try to handle them. As we mentioned before, wolf spiders are shy creatures and will usually only bite if they feel threatened.

So, if you’re planning on handling a wolf spider, it’s best to do so with gloves or some other type of barrier between you and the spider. This will help to prevent any accidental bites.

When Cornered

Another reason a wolf spider may bite is if it feels cornered. If the spider is backed into a corner, it may become aggressive and try to lash out and try to bite in order to get away.

For example, if you sit down next to one without realizing it’s there, it may feel threatened and jump on you in an attempt to escape. 

During Mating Season

Another time when spiders are more likely to bite is during mating season. Male wolf spiders will often compete with each other for the attention of females.

During these encounters, some males may get aggressive and try to bite their rivals. So if you’re planning on going into an area where there are known to be wolf spiders, it’s best to do so outside of mating season (which is typically late summer to early fall).

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Bite Symptoms

Symptoms from a wolf spider bite can be different for every person. It really just depends on how sensitive you are to their bites.

For some people, symptoms from a wolf spider bite can be minor, however, for some, it can include pain and swelling, as well as redness and itchiness. These symptoms are typically mild and will go away on their own within a few days.

But, for others, it may have more severe reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, or difficulty breathing.

Remember: If you experience any of these symptoms after being bitten by a wolf spider, it’s important to seek medical attention right away as they can be signs of an allergic reaction.

Those that do have allergic reactions to spider bites. You should seek medical attention immediately if you show the following:

  • Difficulties Breathing
  • Bumps That Increase In Size
  • Dizziness Or Unconsciousness
  • Swelling In The Face, And Mouth
  • Red lines that extend from the bite

Treating a spider bite really depends on the symptoms. For minor symptoms, you can usually just wait it out and they will go away on their own.

To help with pain and swelling, you can apply a cold compress or take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen. You should also clean the bite area with soap and water to help prevent infection.

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How To Handle One Safely?

If you trying to remove wolf spiders from your home and you want to know how to handle them safely, there are a few things you can do.

First, it’s important to remember that these spiders are shy and will usually bite if they feel threatened this includes handling them. So, it’s best to handle them with gloves or some other type of barrier between you and the spider.

Wolf spiders are very quick so it’s also important to be careful when trying to catch them. A good way to catch them is to place a cup over them and then slide a piece of paper under the cup.

Once you have the spider trapped, you can take it outside and release it into the wild. If you don’t want to release it. If you try to catch the spider with your hands there’s a good chance that you may injure or even kill the spider.


So we hope this article has answered your question Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous? While wolf spiders may be intimidating, they are not considered dangerous. However, it is always best to exercise caution when dealing with them.

If you want to know more about these spiders or any other spider please feel free to check out some more of our articles on the site.

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