Can Wolf Spiders Swim? Yes Or No?


Because wolf spiders are often seen near water, it’s no surprise that this question comes up so frequently. There are some spiders that have found a way to adapt and swim in water (like the fishing spider) which actually hunts fish. Sounds crazy right?

But, what about the mighty wolf spiders?

Yes, wolf spiders can swim! These spiders have hydrophobic hairs on their legs and body that allow them to float and move around the top of the water. However, they can not swim for very long!

While wolf spiders have the ability to adapt and survive in wet marsh environments, even in the water itself, this only works for so long!

Can Wolf Spiders Swim Underwater?

Some wolf spiders have found a way to adapt their respiratory system to deal with water. This adaptation allows them to survive in the water for up to 40 minutes “but” being completely submerged underwater is an entirely different matter.

While some wolf spider species can technically survive underwater for a few seconds any longer and it would be suicide for the wolf spider.

This is because spiders including “wolf spiders” have what’s called “book lungs” which is a type of respiration organ used for atmospheric gas exchange and without oxygen the spider would die.

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Can Wolf Spiders Drown?

Because they don’t have lungs for breathing, wolf spiders can’t drown in that sense. However, as mentioned above, they do have “book lungs” and although they are not related to actual lungs they have tiny stacks of alternating air pockets filled with hemolymph.

For these book lungs to function properly they need a constant supply of oxygen without it they will die.

Most of the time, when a wolf spider comes in contact with water, they will try and fight their way back onto dry land as quickly as possible.

But, According to NBC News, there has been a case where a wolf spider has survived underwater by slipping into a brief suspended animation!

So while some types of wolf spiders have adapted more than others when dealing with water. All of them should still be handled carefully near ponds or streams just in case!

How Far Can Wolf Spiders Swim?

Unfortunately, there are no studies that show how long a wolf spider can swim. However, we can take a look at the wolf spider’s physiology and make an educated guess.

The first thing spiders are very light which means they can easily float on the water’s surface. Their hairs also repel water which makes it easy for them to float without sinking in.

The wolf spider is known to have legs longer which makes them very well adapted for swimming much like the Corixidae (water boatman).

Their long legs will act as oars which help them to swim across the surface of the water and also keep them afloat. With all these adaptations it is likely that these spiders swim as far as they need to until they find dry land.

Are They Good Swimmers?

So what makes them good at swimming? The answer is simple “hair”. A wolf spider’s legs and body has tiny hairs allowing them to glide through the water.

This allows the wolf spider to not only survive in wet environments “but” use this ability as an advantage when hunting prey or escaping predators themselves!

However, because these spiders can swim, doesn’t mean they will go looking for a pond or any water to jump in. In fact, they will avoid the water unless necessary.

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wolf spider in the water

Are They Fast Swimmers?

Again, we must look at their physiology when deciding whether these wolf spiders swim fast or slow. To begin with, their bodies are very light making swimming easier than that of heavy-bodied insects such as beetles.

Being light in weight allows them to float on top of the surface and their long legs will act as oars which means they only need to use a minimal amount of energy in order to move across the surface.

However, this doesn’t mean these wolf spiders can swim very far. Although they can swim how fast we simply don’t know! it all depends on the situation and how strong the current of the water actually is.

Can Wolf Spiders Survive In Water?

No, they can not survive in water for long periods of time. Wolf spiders can swim, but this doesn’t mean they can survive in water.

Although they can survive for a limited time, wolf spiders are simply not designed to be in the water for extended periods of time. In the end, no matter how good or fast they are swimming the spider would eventually die.

Do They Like Being Wet?

No, wolf spiders do not like being wet. They need water to drink “but” most don’t like being in the water full spot! However, this varies from species to species depending on what kind of environment they live in as well as other factors such as age or gender!

Why Do Wolf Spiders Get Stuck In Pools?

have you ever seen a wolf spider in your pool and wondered how it got there? Wolf spiders are land-dwelling spiders that are not naturally equipped to swim. So, how do they end up in pools? Well, there are a few different reasons for this:

  • Looking For Prey
  • Seeking Refuge From The Heat

The first is that they could be looking for prey. Small insects and other arthropods are attracted to the water’s edge because that’s where they will find the most food. The problem is that these same insects can’t swim, so they become easy prey for predators like wolf spiders.

Another possibility is that the wolf spider could be seeking refuge from the heat. During hot summer days, wolf spiders will look for any place that can provide them with some relief from the heat.

Unfortunately, pools are not always the best place to find this relief as they can easily fall in and die.

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Wolf Spider Swimming Techniques

Wolf spider swimming techniques vary from species to species depending on what kind of habitat they live in as well as other factors such as age or gender. When it comes to swimming, there are only two techniques that allow them to swim.

  • Use Their Legs As Oars
  • Their Hairs Repels Water

The first method is very simple where they simply use their legs as oars and move across the water’s surface like a boat.

The second technique is their hairs work as a shield where they are able to repel water allowing them to walk on top of it for extended periods of time.


So, can wolf spiders swim? Yes, they can! but not for very long! Most wolf spiders that do end up in the water unfortunately die.

We hope this blog post was useful and you learned some interesting facts about wolf spiders! Don’t forget to check out our other articles and see what else you can learn about spiders!

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