Do Spiders Fart?


While it may not be the most pleasant topic of discussion, farting is a natural function that everyone does. However, have you ever wondered if spiders fart?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Spiders actually have a digestive system and anus just like we do, which means they also fart! But, what causes a spider to fart, and does it have sound?

Well in the article we will answer all these questions you may have about spiders farting. So let’s get started!

So, Why Do Spiders Fart?

Spiders are able to digest their prey quickly and efficiently due to the combination of extracorporeal and intracellular digestion. Extracorporeal digestion begins when the spider injects its prey with digestive enzymes.

These enzymes break down the prey’s tissue, and the spider then sucks up the liquified remains. Intracellular digestion occurs within the spider’s gut, where additional digestive enzymes break down the prey’s cells.

The resulting mixture of nutrients and liquids is then absorbed and passed through the stercoral sac in the spider’s body. This is where it’s converted into waste and gas and then pushed out of the spider’s anus.

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Does A Spiders Fart Smell?

If a spider can fart, it’s highly unlikely the human nose could pick up these smells! This is because the gas would be composed of methane and carbon dioxide, which are both odorless.

Not to mention the spider has a small body, so there’s not a lot of gas to produce a smell in the first place. So even if spiders could fart, we probably wouldn’t be able to tell!

Can Humans Hear A Spiders Fart?

Unfortunately, human beings are incapable of hearing a spider’s fart. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. First of all, spiders produce their farts at a frequency that is too low for human ears to detect.

In addition, their digestive systems are quite different from ours, and they don’t produce the same type of gas that we do for it to have enough sound.

Is It Toxic?

No! a spider fart is not toxic! As mentioned above spiders convert food into waste and gas and this gas is called methane which is not toxic at all.

Methane is a gas that is a byproduct of decomposition. While methane does have the potential to be explosive, it is not toxic. Even if it was the spider produces such a small amount of methane that it would not be harmful to humans.

When Do Spiders Fart?

Spiders are known for being quite mysterious creatures, so it’s hard to say for sure when they will fart next! Some people might say that spiders don’t fart at all, but others believe that they let out gas whenever they feel threatened or stressed.

Another reason could be that the more food the spiders eat the more gas builds up in their digestive system resulting in the spiders passing gas more often.

Do All Spider Species Fart?

Though we may not think about it often, gas is a natural and necessary part of life for all animals including all spiders. In order to properly digest their food, spiders need to produce gas.

This gas accumulates in their stomachs until it is eventually released through farting and as we know all spiders have stomachs which means yes all spider species fart.


So there you have it! Everything you need to know about spider flatulence! If you liked this article and you want to know more about spiders feel free to check out some more of our articles on this site.

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