Do Spiders Really Have Teeth?


Do Spiders Have Teeth? Most of us have never seen the inside of a spider’s mouth up close, but from a distance, those sharp fangs can look downright terrifying. However, have you ever wondered if spiders actually have teeth?

Technically speaking, spiders do not have teeth. But, they do have something called chelicerae, which are sharp, fang-like appendages that they use to puncture their prey and inject them with venom.

So, while spiders don’t technically have teeth, they do have something that serves a similar purpose. And in some cases, their chelicerae can be just as dangerous, if not more so than actual teeth.

How Do Spiders Eat With No Teeth?

As it turns out, spiders don’t actually need teeth in order to eat their food. Instead, they use a specialized digestive process called liquefaction to break down their prey’s tissues and extract the nutrients from them.

This allows spiders to essentially “drink” their meals as if they were soup or liquid instead of biting into solid chunks with sharp fangs.

Of course, this means that spiders can’t bite and chew as we do, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue for most species. In fact, some experts believe that having teeth might actually interfere with the spider’s ability to capture and eat its prey effectively.

Do Their Fangs Work Like Chewing Teeth?

So at this point, you might be wondering do their fangs work the same as chewing teeth. The short answer is No! Teeth and fangs work completely differently, from one another, for example:

  • A tooth is a hard, calcified structure that is used for chewing and breaking down food into smaller pieces that can be easily digested.
  • A fang, on the other hand, is a sharp, needle-like structure that is used for piercing skin and injecting venom to immobilize prey.

While both teeth and fangs are located in the mouth as you can see they have different functions and serve different purposes.

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Like Teeth, Can Spider Fangs Fall Out?

It turns out that spiders can lose their fangs, but it’s not a common occurrence. In most cases, the fangs will simply break off at the base if they’re forced to penetrate something too tough.

However, some spiders have been known to shed their fangs when they’re molting, or shedding their old exoskeleton in order to grow a new one.

The process of molting is stressful for spiders, and shedding their fangs may help them to reduce their stress levels.

In rare cases, spider fangs have been known to fall out without being broken or shed. This usually happens when the spider is very old and its body is starting to break down.

If you find a spider with a missing fang, it’s probably best to leave it alone – it’s not likely to be able to inflict much damage without its venomous bite.

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Will They Grow Back?

It’s an age-old question with no easy answer if you lose a tooth, will it grow back? The same can be asked of spider fangs. Unfortunately, unlike teeth, spider fangs will not grow back.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. This is because spider fangs are made of a different material than teeth. Teeth are made of dentin, which is a type of bone.

Spider fangs, on the other hand, are made of chitin, which is a type of hard protein. Chitin is not as flexible as dentin, so it is not able to regenerate as teeth can.

All spiders have fangs, but not all of them are venomous. Venom is used to immobilize prey, and all spiders produce some form of it.

The amount of venom produced and the potency of that venom varies greatly from species to species.

Some spiders have very powerful venom that can be dangerous to humans, while others have venom that is barely noticeable.


So there you have it! Now you know that spiders have no teeth, but they make up for it with their venomous bites. And, while their fangs can’t regrow, they do molt and grow new ones periodically.

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