Can Spiders Climb Glass? Detailed Guide!

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While most spiders prefer to stay close to the ground, there are some that can climb extremely well. Most spiders have the ability to climb on many different surfaces from wood, concrete walls, and bathroom tiles, but, what about slippy surfaces like glass?

Yes, some spiders can climb glass! However, most can’t use their legs to cling to the smooth surface! instead, they will use their web and repel downward and climb back up.

However, the vast majority of spiders do not climb on smooth and slippery surfaces like glass. This is because they simply do not have the ability to generate enough force to overcome the slippery surface.

However, for smaller fast-moving spiders this isn’t a problem. Thanks to their tiny body and fast-moving legs they can actually gain enough traction to climb on glass, especially hatchlings.

Spiders And Their Climbing Abilities

Spiders are amazing creatures, capable of spinning webs that can trap prey or be used as a safety net as they travel from place to place. But what many people don’t realize is that spiders are also excellent climbers.

Thanks to the tiny hairs on their legs, they can scale walls and even walk upside down, and while some spiders use their climbing skills to escape predators, others take advantage of their ability to find food in had to reach places.

For example, many types of spiders will build their webs near the ceilings of rooms, where they can catch flying insects that are attracted to the light.

Why spiders are able to climb up slippery surfaces:

  • Spiders have hundreds of little hairs along the bottom of each leg that gives them the ability to grip and walk on slippery surfaces!
  • The second most common way spiders move is by using silk strands (webs) that they use to get to those hard-to-reach places.

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Can Spiders Climb Up Vertical Windows?

Some spiders can climb windows! However, windows present a unique challenge, as they are typically vertical making it hard for spiders to get a good grip.

However, for those that can climb windows, it largely depends on the surface’s texture and how dirty it is.

For example; If there is dirt on the surface of the window this would make climbing much easier as they would have something to grip!

Additionally, some spiders may be able to climb glass if they are already on another surface that is close to the glass (such as a sill or window frame).

In addition, the smooth surface of glass makes it very difficult for spiders to climb. As a result, spiders usually repel down glass and instead and build their webs in corners of the windows!

What Types Of Spiders Can Climb On Glass?

It turns out that not all spiders are capable of scaling smooth surfaces. In fact, only a select few species of spider have the natural ability to climb on glass. So why do these spiders have an advantage over their counterparts?

There are a few exceptions. Some of the more common types of spiders that can climb glass are smaller lighter spider species.

However, larger and heavy spiders like the mighty tarantula can’t climb on glass or any vertical surfaces because of their weight and size!

Type of spiders that can climb on glass:

  • Daddy-Long-Legs
  • Small House Spiders

The only way larger spiders can move on surfaces like glass is by using their webs! But, the only way they could do this is by repealing downwards from the ceiling as their webs can’t stick to glass.

Why Can’t All Spiders Climb On Glass?

It’s a common misconception that all spiders can climb on glass. In reality, most spiders are unable to do so because they are too large and too heavy.

The vast majority of spiders have a body size that ranges from 2 to 10 millimeters, with legs that are even longer. This makes them significantly larger and heavier.

The combination of their weight and size makes it nearly impossible for some spiders to climb on glass. “But again” there are those that are small enough and light enough to overcome these obstacles.

How To Prevent Spiders From Climbing On Glass Windows?

Although spiders are fascinating creatures, it’s not always desirable to have them climbing on your glass surfaces. For one thing, they can be a nuisance because they will often build their webs right in front of your window.

But, even more importantly, “depending on where you live in the world” some spiders can be extremely dangerous! and the last thing you want is them making web by your windows.

So to prevent spiders from doing this your best option would be:

  • Clean The Windows Regularly
  • Use Glass Cleaner So They Can’t Climb

Using glass cleaner is a great way to prevent even the most skilled climbers from climbing on your windows. Doing this regularly will make the glass too slippery for them to gain any traction.


So yes, some spiders can climb glass surfaces just as long as they have something to grip onto. This is why it’s important to keep your glass surfaces clean and free from dirt or grime so that spiders won’t be able to scale them!

If you don’t want any unwanted guests in your home then we recommend cleaning all windows regularly with an appropriate cleaner.

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