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  • spider hiding inside the web

    Does Windex Kill Spiders? Should You Use it?

    For some people, seeing a spider running across your floor can have you reaching for the nearest cleaning product for protection! In this case, Windex! But, does it really work, repelling, and killing spiders? The short answer is yes! Windex can be effective in killing the spider due to its ingredients, including Ammonium hydroxide, and…

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  • Jumping Spider catches dead insects

    Do Jumping Spiders Really Eat Dead Insects? 4 Astonishing Facts

    One of the most important things when owning a jumping spider is their diet! And feeding them the wrong foods can be unhealthy, and cause problems later on down the road. Many pet owners know that feeding spiders “live insects” can be a huge benefit. However, one question that’s often asked, “especially by new owners”…

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  • two people with proper safety suit cleaning the area

    Does Bleach Kill Spiders? Myth Or Fact?

    Are you wondering if bleach can help rid your home of spiders? If you’re not keen on using pesticides, yet still looking for an effective way to control the number of spiders in and around your home, it’s only natural to explore alternatives. So does bleach kill spiders or is that a myth? Yes, bleach…

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  • big spider cover two hands

    11 Best Pet Spiders For Beginners

    What are the best pet spiders for beginners? For many people, spiders are creepy crawlies that should be avoided at all costs. “But”, for others, spiders can make wonderful pets. However, the hardest part “especially for beginners”, is finding a spider that suits, both the owner, and the spiders needs. So, if you’re interested in…

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  • spider doing stunts with pulling its leg in the air

    Does Vicks Keep Spiders Away?

    Do spiders ever seem to find their way into your house? You may have heard a rumor that Vicks can be used to keep these unwelcome visitors away. Well, you’re not alone – this is one of the most common pest-control home remedies around! But does it really work and why? Well, in today’s blog…

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  • Can (And Do) Wolf Spiders Jump?

    One of the most common questions that people have about spiders is whether or not they can jump. In particular, the question always arises about wolf spiders. So, can these wolf spiders jump? Well, it turns out wolf spiders don’t jump they pounce and will often do this to catch prey or as a natural…

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  • Jumping Spider escaping from glass

    Are Jumping Spiders Really Friendly?

    Are you thinking about getting a jumping spider for a pet “but” wondering if they are friendly? Don’t worry, your not alone! This is a question that is often ask about jumping spiders, and the short answer is yes! they are friendly. However, while they may seem friendly it’s important to note that jumping spiders…

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  • brown and red color spider

    Do Spiders Feel Pain? Different Scenario Examples

    There’s a lot of debate surrounding the topic of spiders and whether or not they feel pain. Some people believe spiders do feel pain, while others maintain they don’t feel anything. So, which is it? No! spiders don’t feel pain this is because they lack pain receptors! In fact, they have a more primitive form…

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  • How To Handle Tarantula - Feature Image

    How To Handle Tarantula? Expert Guide With Do’s and Don’ts

    Have you ever been curious about those cool, hairy spiders called Tarantulas? They might seem a bit scary at first, but there is a whole world of wonder behind those eight legs. In this guide, we will explain to you how to handle tarantulas in a safe and friendly way. Before attempting to handle a…

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