Do Spiders Feel Pain? Different Scenario Examples


There’s a lot of debate surrounding the topic of spiders and whether or not they feel pain. Some people believe spiders do feel pain, while others maintain they don’t feel anything. So, which is it?

No! spiders don’t feel pain this is because they lack pain receptors! In fact, they have a more primitive form of pain perception that is focused more on avoiding potential threats, rather than experiencing the subjective experience of pain.

However, while they may not be able to feel pain in the way that we do! this doesn’t mean that spiders don’t know something is wrong when they are hurt or injured. To explain this in more detail let’s take a look at the spider’s nervous system!

Spiders Nervous System

The spider’s nervous system, a complex network of neurons (ganglia) connected by a network of nerves, enables the spider to coordinate its movements and respond to potential threats, such as heat, pressure, or chemicals.

Additionally, spiders possess nociceptors, specialized sensory receptors that detect and respond to potential threats in their environment, such as prey or dangerous predators.

When activated, nociceptors can trigger a range of physiological and behavioral responses in spiders, such as pain avoidance or defensive behaviors.

When activated, these nociceptors send signals to the spider’s nervous system, triggering a reflexive response, such as withdrawing a leg or moving away from dangerous situations.

Do Spiders Feel Pain When Squished?

No! It’s highly unlikely that spiders feel pain when squished. This would happen so quickly, that there’s no time for any neurological response to take place. In other words, the spider wouldn’t feel a thing!

Do Spiders Feel Pain When Sprayed?

So what about spraying a spider? would this cause them pain? As we know, from time to time spiders can occasionally get into our house, and more often than not, most of us resort to using a toxic spray to get rid of them.

But do these spiders feel anything when sprayed?

Well, we can’t say for sure if spiders feel pain when they are sprayed. However, it’s highly unlikely they do! Again their nervous systems are simply not as developed as ours and they lack the necessary receptors for pain.

brown color spider, folding its legs

Do Spiders Feel Pain When They Fall?

Ok, so we’ve all seen it when a spider is struggling to climb up a wall or piece of furniture and then, all of a sudden, it falls to the ground which looks incredibly painful but do they feel it?

When a spider falls, it is likely that they do not feel pain. However, as before, they may be able to sense an injury falling even though they cannot feel pain from it.

How Do Spiders Sense An Injury?

When a spider sustains harm, the injured area sends a message to the rest of the spider’s body, instructing it to be on alert. This response is similar to our own fight-or-flight response and helps the spider know that it needs to take action in order to protect itself.

Although spiders don’t feel pain in the same way that we do, this does not mean that they can’t feel any discomfort or sense when they are injured.

When spiders sense when something is wrong they will take steps to try and remedy the situation. For example, if a spider loses a leg, it will often regrow the lost appendage this typically happens during its molting cycle, when the spider sheds its exoskeleton and grows a new one.

However, this process is not perfect, and the new leg may be shorter or have a different shape than the original. However, it is still an amazing feat of regeneration that allows the spider to continue on with its life despite sustaining an injury.

What Should You Do If You See An Injured Spider?

Unfortunately, sometimes spiders get injured, usually through no fault of their own. If you do see an injured spider, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. In most cases, the spider will simply want to be left alone to recover from its injuries.

However, there are a few things you can do to help the spider heal:

  • If you are concerned for the spider’s well-being you can simply move it to a safe place away from any potential predators. Once the spider is in a safe environment, it should be able to heal and resume its normal activities.
  • Offer the spider some food and water. Small insects or even drops of honey water can help the spider regain its strength and hydrate its body.
  • Observe the spider for any signs of infection or disease. If you see any redness or swelling, or the spiders have not moved on after a day or two you should contact your vet as the spider could have more serious injuries.

Do Spiders Feel Pain When They Lose a Leg?

If a spider loses a leg yes! They will be aware of this, however, they won’t feel it. In fact, believe it or not, spiders actually have the ability to regenerate a whole new leg, but they only have this ability during their molting process.

During this process, a spider can completely regenerate a fully functional leg. Although this new limb won’t be as good as the original, it will still be good enough to work as a replacement.


While the debate over whether or not spiders feel pain is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, the evidence suggests that they don’t! As you have just read in this article.

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