8 Reasons Why Jumping Spiders Make Good Pets?


Are you looking for a pet that is fun to watch, entertaining and easy to take care of? Look no further than jumping spiders!

You may not have thought about keeping one as a pet before, but believe us, these little arachnids make wonderful animal companions.

As long as you provide them with the right kind of habitat, food and attention they need, owning a jumping spider can be very rewarding.

So, in this blog post we’ll explore some of the many reasons why caring for, and observing these spiders can be so much fun.

Why Jumping Spiders Are Good As Pets

1. Easy To Care For

Jumping spiders may be tiny, but they pack a mighty cute punch! Not only are they fascinating to observe with their skillful leaps and stalks, but they are also easy to care for as pets.

Unlike, many other spider species that require expensive equipment and specific feeding schedules, jumping spiders only need a container with air holes, some water droplets, and a few small insects to munch on every few days.

2. Suitable For Beginners 

Jumping spiders also make excellent pets for beginners! This is because they are known to be one of the friendliest spider species, and less intimidating for those who are new to the idea of keeping a spider as a pet.

With their fascinating jumping abilities, curious personalities, and unique hunting habits, jumping spiders can be incredibly entertaining to watch.

Additionally, these small spiders require minimal care and space, making them ideal for those with limited living quarters.

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3. Fun To Watch

Not only are jumping spiders visually captivating, but they are also fun to watch in action.

Jumping spiders, as their name implies, specialize in jumping long distances to catch their prey, and they possess an impressive agility that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The acrobatic feats that these spiders can perform are sure to keep you captivated for hours on end.

4. Interactivity

Jumping spiders are certainly not your average pet. But for those looking for a unique and interactive companion, they just might be the perfect fit.

What sets jumping spiders apart is their surprisingly curious and animated personalities.

Whether they’re peering back at you from behind their eight-eyed gaze or tiptoeing across your hand, these little guys absolutely love to engage with their owners.

With a bit of patience and some understanding of their behavior, you can definitely build a strong bond with your jumping spider and enjoy hours of playful interaction.

Jumping spiders as pets sitting on finger

5. Adaptable

Not only are jumping spiders curious and full of personality, but they are also incredibly adaptable to their surroundings. No matter your living situation, jumping spiders can fit in seamlessly.

As before, they don’t require a lot of space or complex accessories, making them a great choice for those that live in small apartments or with limited resources.

6. Low Cost

When it comes to choosing a pet, affordability is often a major factor. However, when it comes to jumping spiders, they are very cheap to buy, and won’t break the bank.

Also, as mentioned at the start, because jumping spiders are low maintenance, they don’t require expensive equipment, which is another huge benefit.

7. Non-Toxic

Another huge benefit and one of the most appealing aspects of these spiders is that they are non-toxic, which makes them safe to keep at home without the risk of harm to humans or other pets.

8. Low Maintenance

In addition to their charming appearance, jumping spiders are also incredibly low maintenance, making them the perfect addition to anyone’s household.

Unlike other pets, jumping spiders don’t require much attention or upkeep, and can thrive in a simple terrarium with minimal supervision.

They are also relatively easy to feed, only, requiring a few small crickets per week to keep them happy and healthy.

All in all, jumping spiders are a fantastic choice for those looking for a low maintenance, yet fascinating pet that can bring a touch of nature into their lives.

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Best Jumping Spider Species As A Pet

So we know jumping spider are great as pets. However, with such a wide range of species to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Jumping spiders also come in different sizes, colors, and behaviors. Some are very small, while others can reach 2.5 cm in size.

Some have bright colors, while others stick to more muted colors. When it comes to behavior, most jumping spiders are friendly and love attention, while others can be more defensive.

When researching which jumping spider to add to your family, you should look for a species that is small enough to not require too much space and one that won’t be aggressive towards humans or other pets.

Also, look for one with a colorful body and bright eyes that will show its personality as well as its beauty.

One especially popular pet jumping spider is the Phidippus Audax, also known as the bold Jumping Spider.

This species has beautiful black and white legs and body, with a green or blue chelicerae, or jaws, and can reach up to 6.0 – 13mm in size when fully grown.


So, there are 8 Reasons Why Jumping Spiders Make Good Pets, and also which jumping spider we recommend if you are a complete beginner.

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