Do Spiders Really Poop? (Identification, Location)


Although it’s not the most pleasant topic to disgust there seems to be a growing debate about whether or not spiders poop?

The short answer is YES! spiders do poop! However, instead of solid waste, spiders produce semi-liquid waste that contains both nitrogenous and uric acids.

But, what does their poop look like and how often do spiders poop? Well, knowing this can benefit you, particularly if you’re considering keeping a spider as a pet, and also to find out if you have wild spiders roaming free in your house.

Spider Droppings Identification

So, what do spider droppings look like? Well every once in a while, you may come across a mysterious black or brown spot on your wall or ceiling that you just can’t seem to identify. Chances are, you were looking at spider-dropping but didn’t realize it.

As before, spiders don’t leave solid poop instead, their droppings are more of a thick semi-liquid texture that looks more like dark black or brown drips of paint. 

Characteristics Of Spider Poop:

  • Droppings Have A Semi-Liquid Texture
  • They Are Dark Black Or Brown In Color
  • Resembles Drips On Paint “Paint Splatter”

Spider pooping isn’t something most people think about on a daily basis, but it’s definitely an interesting topic nonetheless. So next time you see a black or brown spot on any of these surfaces in your home, chances are it’s spider droppings.

Where Is Spiders Poop Commonly Found?

Now that you know what spider droppings look like, you may be wondering where they’re commonly found. For starters, spiders generally prefer to defecate in secluded places where they feel safe and comfortable.

This means that spider poop is commonly found in hidden areas like behind furniture, under beds, and in closets. Spider poop is also frequently found in basements and attics – places that are often dark, musty, and full of nooks and crannies for spiders to hide in.

However, their droppings can also be found around door frames, window sills, and occasionally on shirting boards, this is due to spiders searching these areas for prey. But, since spiders typically live in dark and secluded areas, their droppings are mainly found in these places.

Spiders Poop Are Commonly Found:

  • On Window Sills
  • Around Door Frames
  • In The Corners Of Rooms
  • In Dark Secluded Areas
  • On Ceilings Or Shirting Boards

How Often Do They Poop?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question because there are many different species of spiders and each one has its own digestive process. Obviously, the most they eat the more they will need to poop.

Additionally, baby spiders generally eat more frequently than adult spiders because they are growing and developing so quickly.

So, a baby spider may defecate several times a day, while an adult spider may only need to poop once every few days or even once a week.

This is just a generalization though, and there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, some spiders may need to poop more often if they are ill or if they have just molted (shed their skin).

Do Spiders Really Poop

Does Spiders Poop Have A Odor?

No, spider poop does not smell to us humans. However, for other spiders or insects, it is possible that their poop smells.

Again, some spiders may use their feces to communicate with other spiders through pheromones. So, even though we can’t smell spider poop, other spiders definitely can.

Do Spiders Poop On Their Webs?

Have you ever wondered if spiders poop on their webs? After all, the web is where the spider spends most of its time. Well, as it turns out, spiders do not poop on their webs.

In fact, they’re actually very clean creatures! Spiders will clean their webs regularly, using special setae (hairs) on their legs to remove any debris or foreign objects. This helps them to keep their web in good condition so that it can continue to catch prey effectively.

But what if spiders eat their prey on their webs? Surely they must leave behind some kind of mess, right? Well, not necessarily. Some spiders will consume their prey directly from the web, while others will wrap it up in a neat little package for later consumption.

And as for the remains of those meals? Spiders will usually dispose of them by flicking them off of the web altogether.

Are Spider Droppings Toxic?

The simple answer to this question is no! spider droppings are not toxic to humans or insects. However, it is worth noting that if it’s left on your ceilings or skirting boards there is a good chance that it may stain.

If you do notice spider droppings in your home, the best course of action is to clean them up as soon as possible before it starts to stain.

How To Remove Spiders Poop?

Spiders are generally good houseguests. They help keep pesky insects at bay and aren’t particularly harmful to humans. But there is one downside to having spiders around: their poop.

Spider poop can be a real pain to clean up “and even stain” if left for long periods of time! If you’re looking for an effective way to remove spider poop, read on for some tips.

1. Wipe It Up With A Damp Cloth

The first step in removing spider poop is to wipe it up with a damp cloth. This will help remove any loose particles and make it easier to clean the area.

Be sure to use a soft cloth so as not to damage whatever surface the spider poop is on. Once you’ve wiped up the area, you can move on to the next step.

2. Use Soap And Water

The next step is to use soap and water to remove any remaining residue. Be sure to use mild soap so as not to damage the surface you’re cleaning.

Once you’ve applied the soap, use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe away any remaining spider poop. If the area is still dirty, you can repeat this step until it’s clean. 

3. Use Vinegar Or Alcohol As A Last Resort 

If soap and water aren’t enough to remove all of the spider poop, you can try using vinegar or alcohol as a last resort. These strong cleaners can break down even the most stubborn residue.

Be sure to test them on an inconspicuous area first to ensure they won’t damage the surface you’re cleaning. Apply the cleaner with a rag or sponge and then wipe away with a clean cloth. Repeat as necessary until all of the spider poop has been removed. 


So there you have it! We hope you found this article helpful! Spider poop may not be pleasant, but it’s not dangerous and is easy to clean up. Just make sure you wipe down surfaces with a soft cloth and wash any remaining stains with mild soap and water.

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